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The Father of Lies

Once I began hearing the voice regularly, the devil began to weave his web of lies. He is a storyteller; he loves to tell stories, and he’s very good at it. One of the first things that he told me was when I was going to die. At the time, he told me that I would die when I was forty-two. Later, he told me that the plan had changed and that I would die that very night. He told me to say goodbye to my daughter. I obeyed the voice and told my daughter that I was going to die.


This traumatized her, and I’m sure the devil was laughing at this pain that he caused. When I didn’t die, I should have immediately known that I was not dealing with Jesus. However, I was totally amazed by this voice that I was hearing, and the signs and wonders that he was showing me. He would say things like, “I will have that butterfly land on you,” and then the butterfly would immediately come and land on my arm. I was hypnotized, and I continued to believe everything he said.


Another time, he told me that demons were chasing my children and he had me running through the store, dragging my kids behind me. We ran to the car and he had me drive across the street to my doctor’s office. At this point he told me to call 911 because I was going to have a heart attack, so I did. My doctor had me on the floor of the exam room when the paramedics came in and wheeled me away. The devil tries to humiliate you.

Every time that he tried to scare me, he was able to cause a feeling of icy fire to spread throughout my chest. This felt like pure terror, like I was literally being possessed. At some point, I accidentally discovered that asking Jesus to help me caused the feeling to dissipate. It took quite awhile to figure this out because he had tricked me into believing that he was Jesus! Therefore, I did not ask him for help at first.


Once I figured this out, Jesus began the slow process of freeing me from the devil. The devil would repeatedly cause me to forget this information that I had learned, and I would relapse into the terror. Finally, I was able to remember that calling on Jesus for help was the only way out of the nightmare. Jesus truly is our Savior.

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