My Story

For many years, I was focused on religion as a quest, a pilgrimage, a constant striving to be closer to God. I was too open to things that I thought could bring me closer to Him, instead of focusing simply on my faith in Him. I never would have messed around with a Ouija board, but I didn’t realize that a lot of the things that I was open to were just Ouija boards in another form. I was always looking for signs and messages from the spirit world, and this left me vulnerable to a spiritual attack by an evil spirit. After this experience, I know that the devil and his demons exist, and that they strive to cause us pain in this life. In my darkest moments, I called on Jesus for help; it was this asking him for help that saved me. I am not trying to focus on fear over love; I am relaying a story of something that happened in my life that was terrifying.