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Mediums and Psychics

Long before I heard these voices, the evil spirit was interfering in my life. In 2010 my grandmother passed away. Before the funeral, I foolishly asked for a sign that she was all right. Indeed, a sign is what I received, but this was not from God. It is a mistake to ask for signs and messages because you will be answered, but it will not be God who answers. In 2012 my mother in law passed away unexpectedly. In prayer, I asked God to let my mother in law visit my daughter in her dreams. The day of the funeral, I told my daughter that we would be saying goodbye to Grandma’s body. She responded that she had already seen Grandma in her dream the night before. I was amazed, and thought my prayer had been answered. Again, however, the devil had tricked me. He can influence the dreams of people in this way. Many believe that such dreams are actual visitations from the deceased, but they are nothing but illusions portrayed by spirits who will happily try to take advantage of our grief.


After my grandmother and mother in law passed on, I became very interested in mediums. I read many books written by mediums, and I watched any TV show on the topic. One show featured a medium who would give readings to bereaved people. I watched the show every week, and the medium would teach people how to recognize the signs and messages that she claimed were sent by the deceased to indicate that they were okay. During many of the shows, I would hear about things like lights flickering, toys starting up on their own, butterflies and birds as animal messengers from spirit, etc. After the show, either immediately or the next day, I would personally experience the same thing that had been spoken of on the show. I became convinced that my own loved ones were communicating with me in these ways.


People want to believe that their loved ones are still with them, that their loved ones are okay. The devil takes advantage of this desire, and exploits our grief. The medium doing the reading is not lying to the bereaved; he is actually communicating with spirits, but he is being tricked by bad spirits. The medium thinks that he is telling the truth, but he does not know the truth. These spirits can easily mimic the “energy” of the deceased, and they know all the stories that the bereaved are hoping to hear references to. The devil is completely shameless in his exploitation of our love.


It is a similar situation with psychics. Many of them are telling the truth—they really are communicating with their “spirit guides” and relaying this information to the client. However, the information is being given to them by bad spirits, not good ones. Why do the devil and his demons perform these seemingly harmless tricks? I believe it is a process of grooming, of slowly leading us down a dark path. The devil works just like a molester does, by handing out candy and toys at first to win our trust.     

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