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Starting in February of 2019, I began to regularly hear a voice that claimed to be Jesus. After years of grooming, and after reading Saint Teresa of Avila's writings, I was not about to question the voice that I was hearing. I had read lots of Scripture stating that people can and do hear the voice of God, and that if you do hear the voice of God you should obey. For instance, Abraham hears a voice claiming to be God that tells him to kill his son, and he proceeds to nearly go through with the murder before God stops him.


Samuel hears a voice calling his name and Eli informs him that it is God, and that he should listen attentively. He should respond to God by saying, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.” The devil can use your knowledge and belief in Scripture against you. I had heard a voice pretending to be God, and I was convinced. I was completely under the devil’s spell. I would not question the second voice that I heard because I truly believed it was Jesus.    


The stories that the voice began to tell me were outrageous. I had studied Hinduism and Buddhism in college, and the commonly held belief of reincarnation was well known to me. I did not rule out the possibility that reincarnation could be true. In fact, I am not making any claims about reincarnation here, only that the devil used my openness to reincarnation against me.


Many people are interested in reincarnation, and fascinated by the idea that we have lived before. The devil in disguise as Jesus proceeded to tell me a list of people that I had been in other lives. Of course, these were all lies, but I was in too deep to recognize this as the case. He told me many stories about these people’s lives and the things that they went through. He said these events accounted for some of my current fears and sensitivities. All this is to say, if you hear a voice telling you about your past lives, do not be fooled. The demons can easily disguise themselves as someone who you love and trust, and from there it is a slippery slope as to what you will believe.


Why had I suddenly become able to hear this voice so clearly and so regularly? I am not sure, but I do believe that through my intense practice of meditation, I somehow opened my mind to this voice. Meditation is no longer an option. Clearing my mind to that level only enables me to hear the voice more clearly.   

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